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VAN NUYS, CALIF. — Award-winning adult entertainment retailer Lion’s Den has joined forces with US Arcades to utilize the company’s streamlined on-demand video content system.

Lion’s Den Adult Superstore in Steele, MO is the retail chain’s ninth store to roll out the sophisticated arcade viewing platform, which begins this week. The partnership brings the current US Arcades roster to 45 updated locations throughout the US.

Owned by Michael Moran, Lion’s Den originally opened doors in Columbus, Ohio in 1971 and has since expanded into 48 locations nationwide. Their robust merchandise selection ranges from intimate wellness products to lingerie and apparel, in addition to video arcade viewing.

“I am very pleased to have US Arcades in the Lion’s Den stores,” said Moran. “Their arcade system is second to none; all current and new customers love it. The professionalism—from installation all the way to detailed data reporting makes working with them a real pleasure.”

Over the last four decades, Lion’s Den has secured customer loyalty by consistently offering a safe, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for its patrons.

Lewis Adams, VP of Sales for US Arcades stated, “Some of their locations are in very small towns; Mineral Wells, West VA, and Atkinson, IL come to mind, but you wouldn’t know it from the stores.” Adams recalled, “I have visited all of their stores, and they are all immaculately clean and well stocked with intelligent and affable employees,”President of US Arcades David Joseph reflects on the significant role that Lion’s Den played during the early phases of development.

“Given his history of success with emerging concepts in adult retail and video, Michael was one of the first partners we approached in November of 2017,” said US Arcades President David Joseph. “At the time, the market was ripe for more advanced technology, and we expressed our vision to facilitate a dynamic and lucrative opportunity for content providers, retailers and ultimately the end user. Michael was on board immediately, and demonstrated his faith by testing and implementing our content and live cam system at the Mineral Wells, WV location.”

Joseph went on to say, “The unwavering support and trust that Michael, his staff, and our other forward-thinking partners have bestowed has been an incomparable vehicle for our overall momentum and growth. We are thankful for the early adopters who embraced the US Arcades concept without hesitation. It is extremely rewarding to see the profit potential, and a re-invented consumer experience unfold for all parties, exactly how we imagined.”The growing list of US Arcades’ partnerships showcases the company’s commitment to evolving the adult arcade experience for modern consumers. Industry-leading studios include Blacked, Vixen, Tushy, and Naughty America among others.US Arcades can be found in 25 states nationwide, with a company goal to reach 100 stores operating by the end of 2019. A list of all existing US Arcades locations can be found here.

Visit any of the following Lion’s Den stores to experience the US Arcades adult video platform:
Atkinson, IL
Bowman, SC
Corsicana, TX
Ghent West VA
Las Vegas, NV
Leesville, SC
Mineral Wells, West VA
Nelson, MD
Steele, MO
Lion’s Den Adult Superstore can be found online, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  For US Arcades information, contact Lewis Adams at (818) 888-8738 or


VAN NUYS, CALIF. — US Arcades has announced a partnership with Dahlia’s Adult Romantic Boutique, the newest adult retailer to implement the updated US Arcades content platform.

The boutique, located in Morgantown WV, welcomes the US Arcades system as an effort to create a cutting-edge, progressive experience for adult video consumers.

“As owner of Dahlia’s Adult Romantic Boutique, I am proud to announce a partnership between US Arcades and our company,” states owner Luke Kocan. “As seen with other adult stores around the nation, inviting US Arcades into my store has shown to be a recipe for success.”

“My store will now contain the highest quality equipment for modern arcades, including features such as streaming, live cam girls, and voyeur booths. Dahlia’s Boutique and our staff are proud to be in partnership with US Arcades, the leading adult arcade provider in the nation.”

Kocan’s grandfather Gregory began his adult industry career in the ‘60s, working under Reuben Sturman as a manager for Majestic News. As an early trailblazer, Gregory helped to open a multitude of adult retail stores, massage parlors, and adult theaters.

Harry introduced his son Daniel to the industry, who went on to accumulate 35 years of experience in adult arcades in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Daniel began construction on Dahlia’s in 2010, sleeping in the store six days a week before it opened in 2011. In 2018, the ownership torch was handed off to Luke, who has since remained dedicated to reinventing the image of adult boutiques for consumers.

Lewis Adams, VP of Sales for US Arcades stated, “we are very excited to partner with Dahlia’s. There is a lot of adult history in this cool store in downtown Morgantown. The arcade, located downstairs from the retail area, offers a lot of privacy for customers. The large party booth and the buddy booths are guaranteed to be the hot spots for viewing. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Luke.”

US Arcades’ video content system introduces new and improved technology for adult video arcade retailers, showcasing content from Devil’s Films, Gamma Entertainment, Grooby Productions, Falcon Studios, and Vixen Media among others.

Dahlia’s Adult Romantic Boutique is among 42 existing retail locations who run the updated US Arcades content system. 35 additional retail locations are scheduled to implement the US Arcades platform in 2019. A map of all updated US Arcades locations can be found here.

Dahlia’s can be found online, on Facebook and Twitter.


For US Arcades information, contact Lewis Adams at (818) 888-8738 or

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