About us

US Arcades, headquartered in Van Nuys, CA , is a result of the reorganization of the company formerly known as VGR Systems and is the only full service arcade company in the adult business. We are nationwide and service 100+ customer accounts on a regular basis.

Since the reorganization in 2011, US Arcades’ main focus has been to reinvent the arcade experience for its clientele. In striving to do so, we have created the Connected Arcade System (CAS).

The CAS is based on our original Cashless Video System (CVS), which functions on our programmable card. The CAS accepts cash, credit and debit cards in addition to our original programmable cards and we are able to access the CAS remotely. This means we are able to monitor each booth individually and see any problems if they exist. For example, if a booth is not operating properly, we receive a notification from the CAS, which allows us to correct the problem quickly and most often remotely.

Our CVS had been in use privately since 1992 in 50+ locations until 2007 when we began using it in our customer service accounts. Over the years the CVS has shown why it generates more income than the arcade systems of our competitors. The CAS I incorporated new features that help to generate even more revenue than the CVS and is operating in 30+ service accounts across the nation. The next generation CAS II our touch screen digital arcade system is the new standard in the adult arcade industry.