Who we are ?

US Arcades is a nationwide full service adult arcade company that services 100+ accounts on a regular basis. Our primary product, Connected Arcade System (CAS) accepts bills, credit/debit and our programmable cards.

What we do ?

US Arcades designs, manufactures, installs and services adult video arcade systems.

We will customize our electronics to make your arcade unique and to fit you and your customers needs.

Why choose us ?

US Arcades is committed to providing an outstanding product and excellent customer service. The following are only a few reasons why we are the preferred choice when selecting an adult arcade system:

  • Experienced in working solely with clients in the adult industry

  • Custom built arcades to maximize your profits including floor to ceiling remodels

  • Technical support including on-site service calls

  • Any one component failure does not affect the other revenue producing booths

  • System that does the work for you

  • Real time booth activity monitoring

  • Secure access to reports that track trends and sales within YOUR customer base